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Penarlag C.P. School

Penarlag C.P. School

Working together, learning for life and striving for excellence. Gweithio gyda’n gilydd, dysgu gydol oes ac ymdrechu am ragoriaeth.

Year 5

17/06/24 - An exciting week this week! It was sports day and we all had such a great day watching the infants then taking part in our junior races! It’s been an application of skills kind of week; creating books about compost columns with instructions and then creating our own African jewellery ! We even got chance to have some time with the younger children at school and helped them create some too!

WB 10/6/24

This week we have worked really hard on our new topic 'Africa'. We have researched the famous Scientist Kiara Nirghin and used her ideas during our Science experiment, where we made 'compost columns.' Hopefully the classroom doesn't become too smelly over the next few weeks! We have been busy reading our class novel 'Journey to Jo' burg.'  The children have compared and contrasted Wales to countries within Africa. 

In M&N we have been working on decimals, focusing on tenths and hundredths.

We've also managed to fit in some sports day practise, fingers crossed it says dry next Tuesday!

For a bit of fun, the children have each drawn a country who will be participating in the UEFA European Football competition starting today. They will follow the country drawn and find out about it, ready for international week at the end of Year 5. There will be a prize for whoever has the winning country. Good luck everyone! ⚽

Have a lovely weekend! ☺️

Week Beginning 03/05/24

Welcome back you your final half term in Year 5! We've had a busy first week back. On Monday the weather dried up enough so that we were still able to go outside and complete 'The Flight of the Quail Egg Challenge.' A huge well done to all teams, especially team R.A.F for winning with their plane travelling over 9 metres. The quail egg remained within the plane and did not break on landing. Well done!

We have now started our new topic about Africa. This week in L.L.C We have started learning about Africa folk tales. In M&N we have started a new unit learning about decimals.

Mrs Davies & Mrs Hamilton ☺️

Friday 24th May 2024

It has been a very busy 7 weeks in Year 5! Well Done to all of our children who have worked incredibly hard to complete so many amazing pieces of work and challenging themselves everyday! Our planes are built and ready to test for our Flight of the Quail Egg Challenge after half term so keep your eyes peeled for the final results. Happy Half Term.

23.05.24 - Abstract Art. Within our space topic we have been focusing on Peter Thorpe and his use of abstract art. We discussed how we could recreate our own versions of his work and adpat to use technology of today alongside collage techniques. First we designed our digital background and then focused on the collage using card as our material of choice.

22.05.24. We had our "don't touch, tell" workshop where we learnt all about medicines and other medical items; such as needles that we may find out in the public. We learnt how dangerous these can be and to always make sure to never touch and always tell!!

13.05.24 Our week has been very much focused on finalising our Space topic! We have created our debate speeches ready to perform and record next week (stay tuned!) and we have made our decisions for what we believe! In Maths we’ve been finishing out fraction unit; we’ve realised how important knowing our times tables are to apply across our maths curriculum and that we need to know them for more areas in our learning. We’ve been carrying on with our planes and hopefully next week we will finish ready to test! We started to look at creating our abstract art collages and linking to our digital skills and space topic ideas. We had a big focus on children’s mental health this week and we took part in a live lesson. From this we created posters for children at Penarlag to Move and Improve Your Mood. We learnt how important physical health is and contributed to our mental health in more ways than we realised!

Week Beginning 6th May 2024


Even though this week has been a short one, it's been a busy one! In LLC we have started our debate genre, which the class really enjoyed. In M&N the class have been continuing their work on fractions focusing on converting mixed numbers to improper fractions. Next week we will be moving on to looking at adding and subtracting factions. We started our flight of the quail egg challenge. The children began building their planes in groups, which they will test next week and continue to adapt ready for the challenge. In Welsh the class have been producing futuristic space diaries. On Thursday, a small group went over to Hawarden High School to complete a formula one workshop. Please see below for photos and videos. Have a great weekend everyone!

Mrs Davies and Mrs Hamilton 

Thursday 9th May 

This morning, a group of five Year 5 pupils went over to Hawarden High School to participate in a STEM Formula One Workshop. They designed, built and raced their vehicles, which went extremely fast!! Check out the videos below. Da iawn everybody! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week beginning: 29.04.24. WOW what a busy week! This week we’ve worked really hard to make sure we can apply our skills across the curriculum. In our LLC we’ve been writing to persuade and we’ve done two types of letters; a formal one and an informal one! Our formal letter was written completely in Welsh and the children have loved having an opportunity to apply all their topic Welsh knowledge and language patterns. In maths we’ve been applying our line graph skills to look at, plot and interpret data by looking at the temperature on Mars! Today is Space Day and we had an amazing opportunity to create infographics showing the size of the planets in our solar system! For Health and Wellbeing we’ve started our Rounders games and put our skills of batting and fielding to the test!

Week Beginning 21.04.24


This week has been Outdoor Learning Week and Blwyddyn 5 have completed lots of lessons outdoors. On Wednesday the weather was lovely and we managed to complete gardening activities to tidy up the Junior outdoor area. In LLC the children have been working on their final drafts of their letters in Welsh. In M&N they have been looking at continuous data, line graphs. The children have also enjoyed working with Blwyddyn 4 this week using Microbits. Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday! 

Mrs Davies & Mrs Hamilton 😊

Week beginning 15/04/24


This week in our LLC we have been writing a response to a letter in Welsh and in our M & N work we have started looking at data handling including graphs and tables. Next week we will be moving on to using line graphs. 
The children have really enjoyed learning how to use microbits this week and they completed the badge project and the step counter. We found out that the person in the class with the longest legs didn't do the fewest steps around the football field as we had predicted. On Wednesday Mewn Cymeriad came into school to perform Hanes Yr Iaith to Blwyddyn 5 and 6, where they learnt all about the history of the Welsh language. They then worked together to complete a digital task, showing what they had learnt. We have been busy designing our planes for the 'flight of the quail egg challenge,' the balsa wood has been ordered and as soon as the resources all arrive, we will start building our planes! Enjoy the weekend and let's hope for some sunshine! 😎

Year 5 class booklet for Summer term 2024:

This booklet details what children will be learning this term and how parents can support their children's learning at home:

WB 08.04.24 A lovely first week back after Easter and into our final term of Year 5! We have had a very busy week including; a Moon Lander Airbus workshop where the children had a challenge to create a spacecraft to contain 2 astronauts to have a safe landing. We looked at how we format cells on a spreadsheet by following instructions and algorithms. Our Artist of the half term is Peter Thorpe and we started to look at him and his work on abstract space art. In Maths, we’ve been looking at using long and short division and how our times tables are important in lots of our maths skills. We had our first rounders sessions ready to build up our key skills for a class rounders match!!

WB 18.03.24- This week has been busy busy! In Science and Technology we used Tinkercad to start designing the planes we will be building after Easter as part of our Science project. In Literacy we started to use elaborated points to add to our persuasive writing techniques. We have learnt how to format and formulate a spreadsheet to create a pixel image and we finished off of History or Flight PowerPoints! For our Cymraeg we’re using Talk 4 Writing to start our astronaut descriptions. We’ve used first person to begin with and recorded ourselves on flip! We hope you have a wonderful Easter and can’t wait to see you back for the final term!

WB 11.03.24


This week Blwyddyn 5 have been continuing their work on persuasive writing in LLC and rounding, factors and multiples in M&N. They have been busy continuing their work on the Science Project. This week they discussed what forces are and explored the different forces which act on an aeroplane. They conducted their own investigations to determine which was the best paper aeroplane. They decided that the best plane would be the one which travelled the furthest. Each group changed 1 variable, some groups chose to change the type of paper, other groups chose the size of the aeroplane, while others chose to change the design. They produced repeat readings and calculated the average. Da iawn everybody!

WB 4.3.24

Its been another busy week in school, full of exciting activities and experiences. In Language, Literacy and Communication the children have started learning about persuasive writing. In Mathematics and Numeracy the children have been estimating and working with multiples and factors. We have used Scratch as part of our Topic to design and plan our games in groups, which we will then use coding skills to build our games for others to play.

Events this week - On Tuesday we went over to the high school and participated in a Humanities workshop with two other local schools. We then participated in a Mars STEM live lesson when we returned to school. Airbus came into school and we had our third session, which was all about Coding. 
Thursday - celebration of world book day! 📚📚📚
Next week we will be busy working on our Science project linked to Airbus and flight.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mrs Davies and Mrs Hamilton 😃


01.03.24 -This week has been a week full of exciting activities! We started the week with an exciting maths day at Hawarden High, the children really enjoyed the challenge and it was a chance to see the high school! Then we have spent the week practising acting out the story of Dewi Sant for our Eisteddfod performance, we also created stained glass images of Saint David! Finally we finished our week with a very interesting live lesson using AI to tell a story of Dewi Sant on Adobe! We created flags with images and facts. What a week!!

21.2.24 - St John’s Ambulance came in today as part of our safety awareness week! We learnt all about AVPU, DR ABC, the recovery position and CPR! We knew who to call in an emergency and our trainer showed us how the app “what 3 words” us used by emergency services to find exact locations end we don’t know where we are! A fantastic afternoon and very informative!!

WB 5.2.24


The children have had another busy week before finishing for half term. In LLC we have been building up to write a character profile about Liam from our class novel ‘Cosmic’. In M & N we have been working on parallel lines and angles. As part of our Science & Technology we made fruit solar systems. In expressive arts we have interpreted music about the planets. The children have enjoyed researching the Space Race. Have a lovely half term and we’ll see you on Tuesday 20th February. Mrs Davies & Mrs Hamilton

Home learning for 8th February 2024:

01.02.2024 Training to be astronauts with Mission X! We are well on our way now with our mission x to train like an astronaut! So far we’ve enjoyed yoga sessions to learn how to Be calm and mindful in space and today we completed a circuit of activities to strengthen, climb and stretch our bodies all to do with gravity. We were all very hot and sweaty by the end of it. A great work out!! This week we also enjoyed visiting Dangerpoint and learning all about different ways to be safe in the world, keep on the lookout for some Welsh reviews about our trip!

25.1.24 Our class show and tell all about the Victorians! We have had such a wonderful afternoon thank you all for coming and supporting year 5 and seeing our wonderful work and tasting our gruel! It’s been lovely reading all your amazing feedback too!

Week Beginning 15/1/24


This week Blwyddyn 5 began our new class novel ‘Cosmic’ and explored Space poetry, identifying features. We completed our Mathematical work on Area and Perimeter and we began a new unit of work learning about Angles. We began exploring our topic by identifying and building star constellations using marshmallows and tooth picks! On Thursday we were one of 1200 schools across the UK participating in a STEM live lesson called Spaceship Earth. The children found out about satellites and what we can learn from them. Da iawn pawb!


Still image for this video

Class booklet for Spring Term 2024:

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda pawb! The children have settled back into school after Christmas and have enjoyed starting our new topic ‘Out of the World’ focussing on Space. In Language, Literacy and Communication we have been writing descriptive paragraphs about landing on an imaginary planet. In Maths and Numeracy we have been completing tasks about Area and Perimeter. The class enjoyed participating in the STEM Junior Airbus project on Wednesday where they completed session 2 and learnt about Aeroplane design and the principles of flight. Da iawn everybody!

Week beginning 18.12.23


Blwyddyn 5 have had a wonderfully festive last week in school! We have enjoyed a Christmas party, pantomime, games day and watching the movie Oliver Twist to complete our Victorian topic. We have followed an online tutorial to make our Christmas cards and the children expressed their own creative flair with their calendars. We hope you like them!!

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 9th January 2024 when we’ll be starting our new topic ‘Out of this World!’

Week beginning 11.12.23

This week has been a very festive one! The children sang beautifully at the Church on Monday. You wouldn’t have known we’d only had a few practises! Then we have been busy getting ready for the Christmas stalls. The children chose what to sell through pupil voice and have been busy this week making and promoting their products. Have a look at their adverts on Google classroom! I wonder how much money we will make from our class stall? Da iawn pawb! 

Week beginning 4.12.23

It's been another busy week in school this week. Blwyddyn 5 began looking at features of newspaper articles. We have now finished reading our class novel Oliver Twist. The children acted out key scenes from the book in the hall, then decided which to plan and write a newspaper article about. In our Mathematics and Numeracy we have started working on a new unit: Area and Perimeter. In Science and Technology we talked about Darwin's theories of adaptation and survival of the fittest. We then conducted an experiment 'Battle of the Beaks' which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We are coming towards the end of our Victorian topic and the children have been finding out about a Victorian Christmas. We have been busy practising for our Christmas Carol Concert too. Next week we look forward to performing on Monday afternoon and planning and making items to sell at the Christmas stalls next Friday. Have a lovely weekend everybody! 

Week beginning 27th November


We can’t believe December is upon us! The months seem to be flying by since September. Today Mrs Davies brought in a real Christmas tree for Blwyddyn 5 because the Victorians brought in real trees to decorate at Christmas. Everyone enjoyed helping! This week we have completed our work on diaries from Oliver Twist. The class enjoyed making the paper before writing their final draft. In Maths and Numeracy this week we have completed our work on Time.

Week beginning 20.11.23


This week in Blwyddyn 5 we have been completing lots of different assessments to track our learning. The class completed pupil voice and decided to record their next steps in learning in a grid at the back of their books. Please ask your child what their next steps are. They should be able to tell you!
This week in LLC we have continued reading Oliver Twist where we have explored characterisation ready to write our own diary entries next week. In M and N we have been adding and subtracting time. Through topic we have continued to develop our Victorian dances, applied our skills by designing our own gruel and we wrote instructions to make it. We have also researched about the Mold riots during Victorian times. Da iawn everybody!!

Week Beginning 13/11/2023

This week has been another busy week in Blwyddyn 5. In Language, Literacy and Communication we have been busy writing instructions to make gruel. In Maths and Numeracy we have been learning about time. On Wednesday Mrs Wright came to visit us and completed some activities based on her Welsh Course, it was lovely to see her! Also on Wednesday we completed Session 1 of our Airbus STEM project. The children learnt about Airbus and its role in aviation, also basic aviation concepts and history. Da iawn pawb!!

09.11.2023 Today was a very exciting day!! We got to create our very own gruel. As part of our Victorian topic and Oliver Twist we have been focusing on how we can produce gruel with a modern day twist. We will be looking at writing our own instructions for this over the half term and would love to serve to our families! Today was all about how we can be safe in the kitchen, developing our cutting and chopping skills and thinking of how we can make the gruel for a bigger audience. Thank you so much to our school cook for helping us be creative and develop our DT skills of cookery.

Welsh Play script

Still image for this video

Week beginning 23.10.23


This week in Guided Reading, we finished the text we have been reading called ‘Fair’s Fair.’ The children created descriptions of the characters in Welsh.

In Language, Literacy and Communication, the children created their own stories for the BBC 500 words competition. After half term we will be continuing our work on Oliver Twist.

In Maths and Numeracy the children have been comparing and ordering fractions.

As part of our Science and Topic work the children have created Welsh play scripts, where they have interviewed William Gladstone. We have also been investigating if plants can reproduce without pollination. Da iawn pawb, it’s been a very busy half term but everyone has worked very hard. Enjoy the half term break! Mrs Davies and Mrs Hamilton

19.10.23 Today we went to Gladstones library as part of our Topic on the Victorians! It was a fantastic morning with lots of learning, exploring history and asking key questions linked to our learning.

 Thursday 5th October


 After choosing a new 5 ways to well-being hand (Willow’s) we chose to learn something new this afternoon! 5 children taught the rest of us, including Mrs Hamilton, how to make oragami fortune tellers. We made them and decorated them to link with our learning! Mrs Hamilton made a fitness one for PE next week, we have maths ones and Victorian themed quiz ones! A lovely rainy afternoon taking some time to look after our well-being, connect together and learn something new from friends! 

Tuesday 3rd October


Today Blwyddyn 5 completed a Cybersafe workshop with PC Woodworth. They learnt about Cyberbullying and were interested in his career with the police. Da iawn pawb, everyone listened so well, produced great answers and asked some excellent questions!

Cybersafe Workshop

Week beginning 25th September


This week in LLC we have been self and peer assessing the scene which we wrote last week from Oliver Twist. The children have produced final drafts on Google Classroom, which we will act out next week. We have also completed hot seating activities, where we pretended to be different characters from the novel.


In Maths and Numeracy this week we have been converting between standard units in measure, weight, length and volume.

Through our topic we are continuing to learn about the Victorians and in Science and Technology we have started to plan our own investigations about plant reproduction. It has been a very busy week! Da iawn Blwyddyn 5!

22.9.23 this week we have been investigating within maths and measuring as well as keeping ourselves active with our learning of spag! We have learnt more about our science topic and the life cycle of plants

Class booklet for the Autumn Term 2023:


This booklet contains information about what your child/ren will be learning and how you can help at home.

Week beginning 11.09.23


This week Blwyddyn 5 have had a busy week settling into our new routine and timetable. We started our Guided Reading morning tasks and in Language, Literacy and Communication we have begun reading our class novel Oliver Twist. In Mathematics and Numeracy we have been solving money problems. As part of our topic 'The Victorians' we have started our focus locally, researching William Gladstone. Everyone has worked really hard! Da iawn pawb!! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Mrs Davies & Mrs Hamilton

Week beginning 4.9.23 This week we have enjoyed settling back in and starting our new topics and talking about the year ahead.

Week Beginning: 10/07/2023 

This week Blwyddyn Pump (Year 5) have met Miss Cudworth who will be there new teacher in Year 6. The have completed a variety of expressive arts tasks about space. They have developed their DCF skills by deciding how they want to present information about the Moon.  We have brought in items to share with the class.

Week Beginning: 07/05/2023 

This week Blwyddyn Pump (Year 5) have been becoming familiar with a new time table math’s scheme called TT Rock Stars.  They have enjoyed making their rock star and have been challenging each other. We have been developing our English skills by using the Natural Curriculum website. We have enjoyed learning about how thrust is important in launching rockets. We have designed our own rocket balloons and next week we are going to evaluate our rockets, making suggestions on how to make it better and see if we can make the rockets go further.


Week Beginning 26/06/23

This week Blwyddyn Pump (Year 5) have been writing their conclusion for their ‘Changing Shadows’ investigation. In LLC we have started to type up our Non-Chronological report developing our ICT skills. In mathematics and numeracy, we have been linking how to write time in words and then converting this to 24-hour clock, 12-hour clock and analogue. We have been fortunate to receive some table tennis equipment from Table Tennis Wales and enjoyed playing the game during this week.

Week Beginning: 19/06/2023 

This has been an extremely active week for Blwyddyn Pump (Year 5), especially as it is ‘National Sports Week.’ We have been getting prepared to run and organise the Infants Sports Day. We had a great day helping the infants with their activities. We really enjoyed taking part in our own Junior Sports day in the afternoon. We are also looking forward to taking part in the Junior Race for Life on Friday.  In class we have developed our Welsh Vocabulary by trying a new Welsh apps ‘Cosmpau Cosmig 2’. Specifically, we have started to develop our understanding of time in Welsh, as this relates to our Mathematics and Numeracy unit. We have also developed our DCF skills when producing a graph using google sheets, to show the results of our shadows experiment last week.


Week Beginning: 16/06/2023

This week Blwyddyn Pump (Yr5) have been writing about their alien insect habitat, threats and diet for their non-chronological report. In mathematics and numeracy we have been learning how to tell the time using a 12 hour clock and a 24 hour clock.  In Welsh we learnt how to write sentences about the weather on different planets.  We have used phrases such as mae’r tywydd  ar Sadurn yn oer and mae Y Ddaear nesa at Mawrth. Using our DCF skills we have learnt about stained glass windows found in Welsh churches. We have looked at the meaning of the picture, the artist and which church in Wales it can be found. Blwyddyn Pump have also had their first practice at running the infants sports day, ready for next Tuesday.


Bendigedig Blwyddyn Pump!


Week Beginning: 05/06/2023

This week Blwyddyn Pump (Yr5) have been focusing on their science investigation. Our investigation looked at the Earth’s rotation, how we could use shadows to explain day and night, and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky. They have used their Language, Literacy and Communication skills, to work in small groups, and begin to write up their investigation. They have used their numeracy skills to measure the shadows, and their compass skills to identify the direction of the shadow, and the position of the sun. Each group took measurements and observed what happened every hour throughout the school day. The Year 5 class have also been preparing for the summer fair, which they are all looking forward to.


Week Beginning: 22/05/2023 

This week Blwyddyn Pump (Year 5) have had a great week since returning back to the classroom. In LLC we have been writing our alien insect, body part descriptions, for our non-chronological report. In mathematics we have been learning about how to round decimals to the nearest whole, tenth and hundredth. In science/topic we have been learning about constellations using our numeracy skills to plot the plough constellation and finding interesting facts out about space. We have also looked at how day and night occurs and how this relates to the Earth’s rotation. In health and well being we have been discussing the 5 ways to well being and how we have achieved these.  We also took part in a cricket activity.


Week Beginning: 08/05/2023 

This week Blwyddyn Pump (Year 5) have had a great week. In LLC we have been writing an introduction paragraph for our non-chronological report about Pandora. We have also designed our own alien insect. In mathematics and numeracy, we have been learning about comparing decimals and putting decimals in order. In science and topic, we have been learning about space and Brian Cox’s statements about the sun, planets and our solar system. In topic we learnt about symbols on a map and what they mean.  As a challenge we made some of our own symbols to identify features in our school. On Friday we celebrated the Eurovision Song Contest by dressing up in blue and yellow.  We listened to all 37 songs and voted for our favourite song putting this into a tally chart. We took part in a Live lesson about the Eurovision Song Contest and took part in activities relating to music.

Week Beginning: 01/05/2023 

This week Blwyddyn Pump (Year 5) have been improving their DCF skills by taking part in a live digital leader’s lesson.  Their challenge was to make a promotional poster about a space film. In LLC we have been developing our literacy skills by writing sentences with relative clauses. In mathematics and numeracy, we have been learning about thousandths and relating this to decimals and fractions.  In science we have been making an information spreadsheet about the planets in our solar system which links to our topic. On Friday we enjoyed celebrating the Kings Coronation by dressing up in blue, red and white.  We also took part in a corgi obstacle course, took part in a drawing tutorial of King Charles III and completed a Kings Coronation Maths Challenge.


Week Beginning: 23/04/2023

This week Blwyddyn Pump (Yr5) has been learning about Pandora. We developed our communication skills by taking part in team activities and teaching the infants skills for their sports days. In mathematics and numeracy we learnt how to understand hundredths as a decimal. We took part in a hundredth decimal relay challenge with Mrs Hamilton. On Wednesday afternoon we used a compass (applying angles and direction skills) to find the planets in space and write facts about them.   In Health and Wellbeing we took part in a table tennis taster session delivered by Table Tennis Wales, we took part in the daily mile most days and we had our first session of Tennis outside on the yard. To make connections for well being we played a whole class fun indoor game. In Expressive arts we designed our own alien/space picture using natural resources. In Humanities we learnt about Japan, finding out some interesting facts and how to make an origami box and plane. We took part in a plane throwing competition to see who’s plane went the farthest.


“I enjoyed doing the relay race.”- Bethan


Written by Jasmine and Lillith.


Year 5 class booklet for summer term 2023:

Week Beginning: 17/04/2023 

This week Blwyddyn Pump (Year 5) have been drawing the solar systems and labeling the planets in Welsh. In LLC we have looked at the features for writing a non-chronological report. In mathematics and numeracy, we have been learning about tenths and relating this to decimals and fractions.  On Tuesday afternoon we took part in a Technocamp workshop called ‘infinity and beyond’ which relates to our school theme ‘Tomorrows World’ and our topic space.  We learnt about Newton’s third law and how thrust helps a rocket to launch into space.  We also learnt about drag and which shapes are aerodynamic. Our challenge was to make our own rocket which would be launched into the air to see how high and far it could travel. In P.E. we have been teaching reception skills they need for their Infant Sports Day.

Week Beginning: 27/03/2023

This week Blwyddyn Pump (Yr5) have been doing an Easter Egg Hunt around the school grounds with questions about our AOL learning in the Spring Term. We have also been learning how to subtract fractions using our division and multiplication skills. We have started to watch Oliver Twist the Musical, as it relates to our topic the Victorian era. On Friday we are going to be doing a quiz on the movie to assess our listening skills. In Language, Literacy and Communication we have been researching about Charles Dickens and producing a fact file. We will then use this to make up an interview with Charles Dickens.  This will be with our learning partners, one will be Charles Dickens and the other the interviewer. We have also had a class discussion about being safe online.  We were given the choice of making a guidance poster using one of the DCF skills we have learnt this Spring Term.


“I enjoyed the scavenger hunt because I got to be in a group with my friends and got to solve questions with them.” Jasmine 


 Written by Sophia, Year 5.


Week Beginning: 20/03/23

This week in Blwyddyn Pump (Year 5) have been finishing their diary entries pretending they are in a  workhouse. We have been listening to the Oliver Twist story as it relates to our class book Street Child. In maths we have been learning how to add fractions using our multiplication and division skills. We have also learned about Sir John Kyffin Williams , what he was famous for and doing a sketch in his style of art. 


“ I have enjoyed learning about Oliver Twist because I like history” Freddie 


Written by Soraya Yr 5


Week Beginning 17/03/23

We have had a very busy week this week in Blwyddyn Pump.


The children really enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day on Monday.


In our Language, Literacy and Communication lessons this week we have been finishing our first drafts of our diary entry about being a child working in a workhouse in Victorian times.


In our mathematics lessons we have being looking at the relationship between improper fractions and mixed numbers using our division and multiplication skills.


As it was British Science week we took part in a live lesson about forces and space.  We then planned an egg drop experiment designing a protective egg cover to stop the egg from breaking when it is dropped from a height. We all had different materials and predicted which material would work best.


Mrs Hughes

Online learning for 10th March 2023:

Year 5 online learning for 9th March 2023:


September 2022

A guide to the new Curriculum for Wales:

Year 5 Class Booklet for Spring Term 2023:

Year 5 class booklet for Autumn term 2022:

Details regarding an after school football club for pupils in Years 1 to 6:

How to upload work to Google classroom:

Internet safety and online radicalisation.

Please find below guidance for parents and guardians.

Penarlag 50

Please see documents below that explain about the 50 challenges. Can you complete any at home?

Miss McGill

The Five Ways to Well Being

Please see documents below that explain about the Five Ways to Well