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Penarlag C.P. School

Penarlag C.P. School

Working together, learning for life and striving for excellence. Gweithio gyda’n gilydd, dysgu gydol oes ac ymdrechu am ragoriaeth.

Year 3

Wc 13.05


We’ve had another lovely week this week… it has gone by so fast!

We have celebrated mental health awareness week by taking part in yoga and learning to breathe in through our noses and out of our mouths. We have also taught a lesson on the benefits and dangers of social media and children acted out scenarios showing how we can be kind online. The children have also been writing their explanation texts on the water cycle in our LLC lessons and have been busy redrafting and improving their work. In Maths we have started work on money and children were able to make and record amounts using pounds and pence today! I was really blown away! We’ve also been learning about animal skeletons - vertebrates and invertebrates as well as recognising what an endoskeleton and exoskeleton is. The children have been pretending to be vets to sort different X-ray pictures of animals and have been building an exoskeleton for one of their fingers to see how this would change their movement and flexibility. Da iawn Blywyddyn 3!


Miss Vaughan and Mrs Gray

We 13/05

Wc 6th May


This week we were very fortunate to have the RNLI visit us to speak about water safety. They explained how we can stay safe at the beach and also how volunteers rescue people. The children loved trying on the staff members helmets and harnesses and even learnt some safe positions to adopt in water to keep them afloat. Da iawn Blwyddyn 3!

Wc 6th May

WC 29.04


Happy Friday everybody! All the children have worked very hard again this week and really deserve their long weekend. This week we have been learning more about the water cycle and gathering facts about it.  This has included researching on the Welsh water website, watching videos on evaporation and condensation and recording our facts voice recorders and in our books. In Maths we are now measuring mass and have been weighing in kg and g to see how heavy our classroom objects are. We have also learnt about food chains and the continents and the oceans of the world this week. Da iawn Blwyddyn 3!

WC 29.04

Wc 22.04


Wow we’ve had such a fun and busy week this week! We have written our final draft of our animal poems in English and have completed our work on length in Maths. We also loved attending William Aston Hall on Tuesday to play our recorders with an orchestra and with children from other schools. Finally, we had a bit of a surprise this morning and a visitor from Welsh water came in to teach us all about the water cycle. We learnt how clean water is pumped into our homes through pipes and how waste water gets taken away from our homes, treated and then released back into rivers and oceans. 

Wc 22.04

Wc 15.04


Year 3 have had another great week this week. We’ve started learning about lengths in Maths and have explored using rulers and metre sticks to measure in metres and centimetres. In English, we have been using the Commotion in the ocean book to explore poems about sea creatures. We have also enjoyed starting to learn about cricket in P.e and learning about animal groups in our Topic lessons. We will be creating our final pieces of work on these areas next week so there will be plenty of pictures to follow next Friday!

We are also looking forward to our trip to William Aston Hall next week. If all Year 3 children could arrive at school by 8:30 next Tuesday 23rd April so we are in time for the bus we would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you,

Miss Vaughan and Mrs Gray

Year 3 class booklet for Summer term 2024:

This booklet details what children will be learning this term and how parents can support their children's learning at home:

We have started settling back into school life really well this week! We have been tying up loose ends with our Traditional Tales and plants topic before starting our Splash (water topic) next week! This week the children have enjoyed writing a non chronological report about the life cycle of a bean plant and learning about multiplication within the 4s, 5s and 10s TimesTables. We have also completed a class website detailing a lot of our digital work on Traditional Tales and have built Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house on Minecraft. We have also completed KWL grids showing what we already know and want to learn about our next topic splash. Da iawn Blwyddyn 3!

Wc 08.04.24

Wc 18/03


I can’t believe it’s the end of another half term! The children have been working so hard once again. We have been writing our instructions about how to make biscuit houses this week and we have also been learning how to multiply by 4 in Maths. In topic we have learnt about the life cycle of a bean plant and the processes of seed dispersal and pollination and how they support plants to grow and develop in new places. To support our learning on this, the children opened sugar snap peas and green beans and compared how the beans from each plant looked on the inside. They also explored moving glitter from one cake case to another using their finger tip to visualise the process of pollination. The children also performed so well in their class assembly this half term! Thank you to everybody that came and da iawn again Blwyddyn 3! I hope you all have a lovely Easter!



Wc 18/03

Wc 4th March


This week we have been writing our own version of Hansel and Gretel using our plans. We have also been learning about how to multiply by 2 and 3 and explored many ways of doing this. Finally, we have started making our own mini houses out of biscuits during topic afternoons. The children have really enjoyed planning their designs and decorating their biscuits. It was also lovely to see all the children dressed in costume for World Book Day. The children enjoyed drawing a picture to create a front cover for their own story and creating a bookmark. 

Wc 19th February


We have had a lovely first week back and it has been great to see everyone again. This week we have been working hard on our digital skills and have been signing into hwb every morning to complete our feelings check in. The children have been getting much quicker at this and now have their own laptop or iPad for the remainder of Year 3. We have also written and edited our formal letters and we’ve started learning how to multiply and divide using cubes, dienes and by drawing pictures.

This week we have also been learning about Saint David in preparation for St David’s day and we have made a safety in the home poster online to coincide with safety in the home week.

Home learning for 8th February 2024:

Another good week in Blwyddyn 3! 

This week the children have started learning about how to write formal letters and will be writing their letter to the witch in the Hansel and Gretel story after the holidays. We have also been celebrating Safer Internet day and Children’s Mental Health week. Some children have also continued making their puppets and we can’t wait to put these on display in the class. Da iawn Blwyddyn 3!

Pictures we 05/02/24

Wc Mon 29th January


Well what a week we’ve had! This week the children have made some absolutely amazing hand puppets in the Expressive Arts area. The children researched their own traditional tales puppets on an iPad, drew their design then made their puppets with Mrs Gray! They have really enjoyed doing this! The children have all written a newspaper report about going to watch the Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime in Rhyl and I know Mrs McGill can’t wait to see some of their work so she can put the children in her golden book. Finally the children have come on leaps and bounds with their Maths again. Many children can now complete 3 digit column subtraction sums by regrouping the tens and the hundreds!


Da iawn Blwyddyn 3!
Miss Vaughan and Mrs Gray

Wc 29th Jan (more photos!)

Wc 29th Jan

WC 22nd Jan


Our Year 3s have been working so hard this week. In English, we have planned our newspaper report about our visit to the theatre and are ready to write our report on Monday. In Maths we are practicing using column subtraction to subtract 3 digit numbers. This has been a challenge for some children at first but with plenty of practice this week I know we will get there. We also celebrated Saint Dwynwen day and RSPB birdwatch week this week. We learnt about the story of Saint Dwynwen and the names of some local birds in our community. Finally, we have also started our plant investigations in Science. Each child has planted some cress and some beans in a group and we will be placing the plants in different locations in the classroom to measure which conditions are best to promote plant growth.

Wc 15th Jan


We’ve had a fantastic week this week. We have started regrouping the ones whilst learning about column addition and the children have really worked hard to remember to carry the ten over to the tens column. In English, we have been learning all about recounts and how to retell an event. We will be recounting our visit to watch Jack and the Beanstalk at the theatre next week and writing newspaper reports to explain the event. We have also started using the Yr 2 classrooms again for our topic afternoon. In topic we have been building Welsh castles, learning about the Welsh traditional tale Culhwch ac Olwen and learning about the parts of a plant and each parts function. Da iawn Blwyddyn 3 for working so hard this week!

Pictures wc 15th Jan

Year 3 Class Booklet Spring Term 2024:

WC Tuesday the 9th January


Welcome back everybody! Its been lovely to see all the children again and hear all about their Christmas holidays! 


This week we have been writing New Years resolutions. This has included children reflecting back on their favourite memories in 2023 and then choosing a goal to work on at home and in school. Hopefully you will be getting lots of children eager to help with the cleaning and the washing up at home in 2024! We have also started our work on addition and subtraction within a 1000 and I have been blown away by how well the children have completed their work independently this week! (pictures to follow)


Finally, the children have also been introduced to their new topic traditional tales. We have explored the features of traditional tales by looking at different books and completing quizzes online. I'm looking forward to exploring our topic in greater depth over the coming weeks.


Well done for a fantastic start back at school Blwyddyn 3!

Miss Vaughan and Mrs Gray 


Wc Monday 18th December


What a week it has been! The children absolutely loved celebrating Christmas during their Christmas party on Monday. Throughout the rest of the week the children have been consolidating their work on The Great Fire of London and their Light and Dark topic by working in small groups to record a podcast sharing what they have learnt. The children have also enjoyed making Christmas cards and calendars this week which they’ve brought home with them today after a fantastic day at the pantomime in the Rhyl Pavilion. 

Mrs Gray and I also wanted to thank all the children for all their hard work this year. They have come on leaps and bounds since September and we are so proud of their attitude to learning and how well they have settled into KS2. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year as well as a well deserved rest!

Miss Vaughan and Mrs Gray 🙂

Wc Monday 11th December


This week Year 3 have really embraced the Christmas spirit! We had a great time performing our Christmas carol service to parents on Tuesday and enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner this week. We have also completed our Maths work on numbers to a 1000 and redrafted our Great Fire of London settings. Finally we completed our Welsh work and created power-points comparing Wales to our class country Australia. 

Wc Mon 4th December

This week the children have written their own setting descriptions pretending that they are Vlad the flea in the story ‘Vlad and The Great Fire of London.’ In Topic, all children have now completed their 1666 house to coincide with our work on The Great Fire of London. The children have also learnt how to convey mood and emotions through their art work by learning about an artist named Jan Griffier the Elder who painted pictures of the Great Fire of London. The children then took inspiration from her work to create pictures using

 oil pastels. Da iawn Blywddyn 3.


Miss Vaughan and Mrs Gray

Wc Mon 4th December

This week the children have learnt to retell the story of Vlad and The Great Fire of London. The children also drew a story map of the story to help with their retelling. In maths we have been learning to count numbers to a 1000 and the children have been exploring how to make 3 digit numbers using hundreds, tens and ones. In Topic some children have started building their 1666 house to coincide with our work on The Great Fire of London. The children have also been making a Great Fire of London picture using oil pastels. Da iawn Blywddyn 3.


Miss Vaughan and Mrs Gray

Wc Monday 27th November

Wc Monday 27th November

Wc Mon 20th November


This week the children have been very busy completing their class assessments. They've been trying hard to answer lots of multiplication questions for Maths and taking part in spelling and reading tests for to measure their progress for language and literacy. We have also started our new work on diary entries by reading the story Vlad and The Great Fire of London. Over the next few weeks the children will learn the features of a setting description and a diary entry so children can write their own diaries from 1666 London. Finally, the children have also completed their work on money in Maths. They have learnt lots of skills including adding prices together and giving change up to a pound. Da iawn Blywddyn 3! :)

Wc Mon 13th November 


This week we have been celebrating Children in Need and Anti bullying week. We have looked at what bullying is and what strategies we can use to overcome being bullied e.g reporting it to someone you trust, asking the bully to stop etc. We have also been learning all about poems in our English work. We have used onomatopoeias to write poems about fireworks and The Great Fire of London. 

Thank you for a lovely week Blwyddyn 3

Miss Vaughan and Mrs Gray



Wc Mon 13th November

Wc Mon 6th Nov 


Welcome back everybody! It’s been lovely to see the children again this week. Everybody looks so refreshed and ready to go! We began this week by joining the Year 2 class for our pupil voice session to discover what the children wanted to learn about the Great Fire of London as part of their light and dark topic. All the children worked in pairs with a Yr 2 child and wrote something that they knew about fires or the Great Fire of London and something that they wanted to learn. The children also took part in a shop activity for maths this week where they had to collect the correct number of coins to buy an object. The children worked really hard to make sure they were combining the right coins and were very busy counting on it their heads to make sure they had the correct total.


Da iawn Blywddyn 3,

Miss Vaughan and Mrs Gray

Wc Mon 6th Nov

Wc Mon 23rd October


This week we have been busy writing our non chronological reports all about owls in English. Before writing our reports we learnt about the features of non chronological reports and practised matching subheadings to the correct fact with our partner and using them to make a poster. We have also been busy making sun catchers in our topic afternoons as part of our light and dark theme. It was also work awareness week this week so Miss Jones taught us all about different animal related jobs on Friday and we drew a poster showing what we had learnt about different jobs involving animals. 



Wc Monday 23rd October

Wc Mon 23rd Oct

We’ve had a lovely week this week. The children were finally able to have their first recorder lesson and we did some work on World Mental Health week. The children all worked so hard on their tests this week and really enjoyed learning how to log onto their hwb accounts. The children also enjoyed their topic afternoons where they were able to explore electronic circuits and complete their own independent work. Da iawn Blwyddyn 3! :)


Miss Vaughan and Mrs Gray


Wc Monday 9th October

Still image for this video
Recorder lesson

Wc Monday 9th October

Wc Monday 2nd of October


We have had a brilliant week this week. We have worked really hard to get to grips with column addition and regrouping ones into tens in Maths and have written up some amazing versions of 'The Night Gardener' story in our LLC (English) lessons. Our highlight this week was being visited by some owls! We learnt about different breeds of owls, what they eat and how they hunt and how baby owls are born. We learnt so many facts and we were all able to hold and stroke some owls. 

Owl visit