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Year 4

Our wonderful student will be leaving us tomorrow!

Week beginning 13th May, 2024

This week we have starter our new topic which will take us to the end of Year 4! Our new topic is ‘Tomorrow’s World’. Collaboratively, the children thought about what changes there would be to our world over time. Some of the changes mention included, population, global warming, habitat loss, wild fires, pollution and deforestation. We then used ‘Jam board’ to create a collective enquiry board. We then looked at where rainforests are located on a map of the world and identified which countries the Amazon covered. Our new book for the afternoon is 'The Vanishing Rainforest'.


In Mathematics and Numeracy, we are continuing to looks word problems. We have been focusing on models linked to multiplication. We had a go at writing our own models and then uploaded them onto Seesaw for our friends to solve.


In Language, Literacy & Communication, we have read the picture book ‘Zoo’ by Anthony Browne. We will be using this as a stimulus for our next writing genre, balanced arguments. The children's first task was activating their prior knowledge. They were asked to recall what they already know about zoo and about any experiences they have had at the zoo. We have looked at the importance of citing sources when researching. We have also been looking at identifying whether statements are fact or opinion.


This week has also be Mental Health Awareness Week. We took part in a BBC live session looking at different emotions we feel and ways to overcome them. We also had a 'free choice' half hour where the children were able to be outside in the glorious weather doing something that made them happy.

Week beginning 6th May, 2024

This week we have been drawing to a close our Tudor topic. The children have written their own short playscripts and learnt how to use Google Docs to show version history. By using the version history tool, it allows them to clearly see original drafts and how they have made improvements.


In science we have been looking at how egg shells are similar to the enamel of teeth. We have learnt about plaque and made predictions about how different liquids would change the shell of an egg. After leaving the eggs in different liquids for 48 hours, we used toothbrushes to see if our predictions were correct.


In Mathematics and Numeracy, we are continuing to looks at solving one step word problems relating to measure.  We will continue to focus on these over the next few weeks. The children have also been using the measure app on the iPads to digitally measure the lengths of various objects.


The children have used Minecraft to build Shakespeare’s Globe. They then had to insert text onto ‘chalk boards’ or ‘signs’ which would demonstrate their understanding of the Globe Theatre and William Shakespeare.

Week beginning 29th April 2024

The mathematics focus this week has been measuring mass. The children used classroom objects to measure mass. Reading the scales was tricky for a few so a great way to practice this over the long weekend could be to make a cake! Children have also had to convert measurements from kilograms (kg) to grams (g).


In LLC, the children have working in pairs to write a short and simple script. Their task was to include clear stage directions. We discussed the effective use of adverbs within stage directions. Once scripts were complete, scripts were then acted out by another group. We then evaluated the performance based on whether enough stage direction was given.


As part of our Tudor topic, the children have been learning about The Globe theatre. Using Minecraft, the children have part-built the theatre ensuring its main features are evident. They have also begun to add sign posts and chalkboards to demonstrate their knowledge of the Shakespeare and the Globe.


We have also been looking what causes to teeth to rot and next week we will be conducting an experiment all about this.

Have a fantastic long weekend and I will see you on Tuesday.

Week beginning 22nd April 2024

This week has been Outdoor Learning Week and we have been using measure outside by measuring natural objects found around the school grounds. We have also been digging the flowerbeds out ready to plant new flowers for the summer.


On Wednesday, Year 4 worked collaboratively with Year 5 getting to know the Micro:bits, a pocket sized computer. They were able to program the computer to write their names and messages. They then used their coding skills to program the Micro:bit to become a pedometer. The children measured the length of their legs and walked the perimeter of the field to see if the person with the longest legs used the least number of steps.


We have also continued to look at playscripts this week and have retold Act 1 Scene 1 or Macbeth in modern day English using an app ‘Texting Story’. The results were fantastic and the children really enjoyed themselves.

Week beginning 15th April 2024

This week the children have been looking at playscripts. With reading groups, the children are reading scripts and responding to questions about what they have read. They have also been looking at Shakespeare and his play ‘Macbeth’. The children have identified features of a playscript, identified differences between playscripts and narratives and they have also begun to perform Act 1 Scene 1.


Our Mathematics and Numeracy focus this week has been capacity. We have been reading scales and have completed a capacity investigation.


In response to the enquiry questions the children asked about teeth, we felt we needed to go back in time and research the history of dentistry. The children have started writing up their research this week and this will continue into next week.


Within our Tudor topic, the children have been completing activities about Tudor health and we have found out lots about different cures and ailments. We are glad we weren’t ill in Tudor times!

Year 4 class booklet for Summer term 2024:

This booklet details what children will be learning this term and how parents can support their children's learning at home:

Week beginning 8/4/24


I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter break. This first week of summer term seems to have flown by!

This week in LLC we have been recalling our knowledge of different writing techniques to retell stories. The children have come up with some lovely alternative chapters for our historical story.


In M&N we have continued with our money topic. We have been calculating change from a given amount and have been solving problems relating to money.


In Humanities we have been look at illness in Tudor times and the gory cures they used. We have started a round robin activities relating to Tudor illnesses.

Week beginning 18/3/24

This week in LLC we have been using DADWAVERS to help us use a variety of sentences in order to improve our writing. Using everybody’s ideas, we used DADWAVERS to write a short extract based around Hal (the main characters from ‘The Queen’s Token).


Here is the shared text;


The neat beautiful garden was packed with all kinds of wonderful, colourful flowers. A spotty blackbird was zooming rapidly over the neat and tidy flower beds which Granfer had spent hours sorting. 

“Good morrow Millicent,” shouted Hal from the other side of the garden.

In the stable next to the dark green shimmering lake, Millicent waved to Hal with an unforgettable smile. Happily, but carefully, Millicent skipped over to Hal avoiding the flowers in the flowerbed. Playing with an old-fashioned spotty ball, Dandy galloped around in the field happily. Moments later, Millicent offered Hal a gift he could not refuse.


The children will be writing their own historical extracts using DADWAVERS after the Easter break. In the meantime, I have shared the extract above via Google Classroom so if the children would like to continue the story using the DADWAVERS process they can do so.


In M&N, the children are continuing to solve 2-step word problems in relation to money. 


The Show and Tell event on Thursday afternoon was a success and I hope the children enjoyed showing you their work.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter/holiday and I look forward to hearing all about it upon your return.


Week beginning 11/3/24


This week the children have continued using addition and subtraction to solve word problems relating to money. All the children are progressing really well with their '99 club' sessions.


In LLC, the children have become even more familiar with 'The Queen's Token' by acting out various scenes to show their understanding. This will be leading on to writing a historical extract of the story in their own words.


We have also looked at planning a scientific enquiry this week which will lead on to the children planning an enquiry of their own.


WB: 4/3/24

This week the children have been busy celebrating World Book Day. We have used Adobe to create alternative book covers for our class book ‘The Queen’s Token’ The children used a range of creative tools and effects.


In Mathematics and Numeracy, we have been looking at using addition and subtraction involving money.


As part of our ‘Cynefin’ topic (a Welsh term defined by Curriculum for Wales as 'the place where we feel we belong, where the people and landscape around us are familiar, and the sights and sounds are reassuringly recognisable.’) we have looked at the Welsh artist Gwilym Pritchard. We have then recreated his landscape art using watercolours.



Apologies for no photos I’m having issues with the iPad. I will try again on Monday.

Week beginning 26th February 2024

This week in Language, Literacy and Communication, the children have been looking at the structure of a historical narrative. They have been using historical features to write a historical setting description. We have also looked at punctuating speech as we will be using speech within our historical narrative.


In Maths and Numeracy, we have continued our final week looking at one and two step word problems. Next week we will be moving onto money.


This week has been a celebration of St David’s Day. We have completed St David’s Day activities throughout the week. The children used a range of skills to create Adobe cards. Some children even managed to animate their cards. As a class we used AI to create a poem about North Wales which we performed in the Eisteddfod today. We have also completed comprehension tasks about the history of love spoons.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Week beginning 19/2/24

The children have had a busy week despite only being a four-day week!


In Language, Literacy and Communication, the children have begun their new writing cycle. Ove the next four weeks we will be focusing on historical narratives. This week the children have identified the historical features and how to develop characters that fit within a historical context.


In Maths and Numeracy, we have been looking at one and two step word problems using multiplication and division.


Following on from learning about healthy and unhealthy diets, we have begun to look at the digestive system. The children recorded Flip videos of them selves explaining what happened to our food. They will repeat this task at the end of the term and review their scientific knowledge.

This week has also been ‘Safety Awareness Week’ and Year 4 have had a focus on staying safe around and in water. Some children completed their task during their forest school session whilst the remaining children created online posters. We used Adobe to add layers to our poster, applied and altered backgrounds, inserted and edited pictures and used AI to create their own image use the ‘text to image’ feature.

Week beginning 5th February 2024:

Unfortunately the Year 4 forest school session did not take place on Thursday, due to Flintshire closing all schools, because of the snow weather warning. This will be rearranged after half term. Thank you to Miss Hughes for teaching Year 4 for the last couple of weeks. Miss Walford will be back after half term.

Home learning for 8th February 2024:

Week beginning 29th January 2024:


Our Year 4 children had a great Forest school session on Friday. This week, in small groups they made their own mini 'fairy fires' and enjoyed making smores and drinking hot chocolate.

They then played games and chased leaves in the wind, seeing how far they would blow.

Lots of laughter and smiles by everyone!

Week beginning 22nd January 2024:

The second group of Year 4 pupils had their third Forest School session this week. They had a lovely fire and enjoyed toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate! As well as playing games and laying trails, they also learnt relaxation techniques:

Class Booklet for Spring Term 2024:


Week beginning 8/1/24

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda pawb!

The children have settled back into school after Christmas and have enjoyed starting our new topic. This terms topic is ‘The Tudors’. The children have discussed what they know and what they would like to find out. Their ideas will be used to plan for this term.

We have looked at the front covers of three Tudor inspired novels and made predictions about the books. The children then selected which book they would like to focus on.

Within Health and Wellbeing sessions, we have looked at what a balanced diet is.

Some children have also been looking Tudor artefacts discussing what they think the item were. They then used books to find out if they were correct.

Group two have started Forest schools this week with Miss McGill.

Week beginning 18/12/23

What a fabulous festive final week we have had! We have managed to fit in a Christmas party, festive crafts and a pantomime!

I would like to express how wonderfully behaved all the children have been in school and during our outing to the pantomime! Da iawn pawb!

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and I look forward to welcoming you back on Tuesday 9th January 2024! Our new topic will be 'The Tudors'.

Week beginning 11/12/23

We have had another very busy week this week which seems to have flown by!

The children have spent a lot of time this week on their setting descriptions as to complete them before the end of term.     We started the week looking at the success criteria and made sure we understood each of the ‘ingredients’ by writing examples of each. Once we had competed this, the children then write their first drafts. I have had some beautiful descriptions from all the children.

The Christmas Fair was a great success and all the children contributed in different ways. I will keep you posted with the amount raised.

Next week we have plenty to look forward to including party day on Monday and Friday on Thursday. Have a lovely weekend.

Week beginning 4th December, 2023


This week has been a very busy week indeed! The children spoke very well with our special visitors.

In LLC this week, the children have been learning about figurative language and we have discussed how we could use this within our own setting descriptions. We looked at what makes a successful setting description and have begun the planning process. Next week, the children will use their plans to write their own setting description.


The children have also used Minecraft to build Charlie’s house. They had to use the details from the WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) to build what had been described.


In M&N, we have been looking at multiplying by 9. The children have had the opportunity to solve multiplication problems which really got them thinking!


In Science and Technology, we have been using thermometers to measure temperature in various locations around school.


Have a lovely weekend!

Week beginning 27.11.23

This week has been a very busy week! The children are all working so hard.


This week in LLC, we have begun to look at setting descriptions based on our class novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. The children have been looking at subordinate clauses and will be using these in their own setting descriptions. We have looked at the features of a good setting description and have identified these in a given text.


In our topic sessions, we have applied our understanding of addition and subtraction by working out distances between locations in Europe. We have also been working collaboratively online to create digital content developing our understanding of the diverse cultures in Europe. Over the next few weeks the children will be presenting their presentations to each other.


In M&N we have been focusing on the 8 times table. The children have completed a series of activities all relating to this multiplication. Next week our focus will be the 9 times table.


Have a fantastic weekend!


Week beginning 20.11.23

This week in Language, Literacy and Communication we have continued reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children have built on their character descriptions through peer and self-assessment, editing, improving their work. The finally produce a final draft and recorded them selves reading their own descriptions.


In Mathematics and Numeracy, we have been working on multiply by 2, 6 and 7. Next week will focus on the 8 times tables.


As part of out Health and Well-being topic, we have looked at what it means to be resilient and how to solve problems to become more resilient.

Week beginning 13/11/23

This week the children have planned and begun to write their first draft of the character description. There are some really super pieces of work! Da iawn pawb! The children have been using the success criteria to help them include as many features as possible.


In Mathematics and Numeracy, we have been applying our knowledge of addition and subtraction to 1 and 2 step word problems.


Our topic remains 'Passport to Europe' and we are looking at how we can promote awareness of the diverse cultures and landmarks across Europe. The children have been encouraged to use critical thinking and research skills. Over the next few weeks, each 'team' will focus on a particular country from Europe and showcase their findings to the rest of the class.


This week has been Anti-bullying Week. We have worked in groups to write a poem/rap. We then performed these to the rest of the class.


It seems like my posts have not been saving! 

The children have been working so hard since the last viewable post. We have moved on from diary entries and are now looking at descriptive writing. The children are using Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a stimulus for creating a new character. They have been using varied sentence structures to write character descriptions and we have even been using welsh vocabulary to talk about our characters.


In Maths and Numeracy, We have been looking at addition and subtraction up to 10,000. The children have been using the column method to help solve the calculations. Regrouping when using subtraction has been a little tricky for some so we have spent a little extra time on this. The children are also enjoying the challenges which have been set on Google Classroom. 


Our new Science topic is 'States of Matter' and we have been looking at how we can define matter.



Week beginning 9/10/23

This week the children have continued writing their diary entries. There have been some lovely descriptive sentences used. I wonder if you could keep a diary at home of your weekend using the same features discussed in class.


We have also took part in a 'Be Internet Legends' assemblies by Google. This focused on our digital well-being. As part of the Five Ways to Well-being we focused on something that could be learnt. We looked at learning a new language, Mandarin.


Next week we will be focusing on numbers up to 10 000. 

Week beginning 25/9/23

This week in Mathematics and Numeracy, the children have been working on reading and interpreting pictograms.


The children were out and about on Monday with Mrs Hamilton looking for living things in our school environment. After carefully observing the minibeasts, they then had to record what they found.


We have also begun to look at sketching skills which will be working towards a final sketch of a European landmark later on in the term.


Week beginning 18/9/23

This week has been National Coding Week. Blwyddn 4 have had a visit from Will from Techno Camps. He has been teaching the children what Machine Learning systems are used for and how they work. As part of this project, the children had to design their own Pokemon character using Scratch. In addition to this, the children also learnt how computer science, engineering, and people work together to fulfil customer orders at Amazon. As a class we took a virtual tour of an Amazon Fulfilment Centre and used Kahoot to answer questions.


We have also started our guided reading sessions this week. The children have different texts and follow up tasks to complete. Within our English sessions, we have been looking at collecting words and phrases that capture the readers interest and using these within sentences.

Class booklet for the Autumn Term 2023:


This booklet contains information about what your child/ren will be learning and how you can help at home.

Week beginning 11.09.23


This week Blwyddyn 4 we have started to read 'Where My Wellies Take Me'. We have made inferences and deductions from the images and the text. Children have listened to several poems from the book which will lead into our own poetry writing.


In Mathematics and Numeracy we have been looking at 'volume'. The children have compared amounts and have begun to look at additon and subtraction word problems relating to volume.


As part of our topic 'Passport to Europe' we have identified what local amenities are in our local area. We then used Google Earth to take pictures of these amenities and added them to PicCollage. Everyone has worked really hard! Da iawn pawb!! 

Have a lovely weekend! 


Week beginning 4.9.23

What a very hot and humid week it has been! I hope you have all had a lovely summer.

The children have all settled well into the school routine and has been lovely to hear some of the exciting things they have been up to over the summer.


This week we have been learning rhymes to help remember some of the trickier times tables.

Week 1 of each half term 

4 x 12 and 12 x 4 

  • At the park with my mate… 4 times 12 is 48 

  • I left the park a little late… 12 times 4 is 48 

11 x 11 

  • Fancy going for a run… 11 times 11 is 121 

7 x 8 and 8 x 7  

  • My house is made of bricks… 7 times 8 is 56 

  • This old house needs a fix… 8 times 7 is 56 

Next week, the the focus will be 3 times tables but we will also continue the rhymes above.

Week Beginning 3/7/23

What a quick week this week has been!

On Monday, we were able to watch and support the girls who had travelled over to Portugal for the Dance World Cup! Da iawn!


This week the children have been working on their non-chronological reports about orangutans. The children have researched, planned and written their first draft and have now started their final versions. They are looking fantastic!


We have also had an Expressive Arts focus this week. The children have completed sketches of orangutans where they had to complete the missing half. They have also had a go at pixel art focusing on the eyes of different rain forest animals.


In Maths, the children have started looking at addition of money.

Week beginning 19/6/23

This week has been a very busy week. On Wednesday the children took part in an Indian themed multicultural event over at Hawarden High School. The children experienced a variety of workshops including, music, storytelling, dance and art and crafts. At the end of the morning, the children were able to showcase what they had been doing.

In addition to this, the children have taken part in Sports' Day and Race for Life. Da iawn pawb!

In the classroom, the children have been applying their understanding of persuasive writing within science. In order to complete this the children used Google Docs to write a formal letter persuading governors to agree to develop the bottom field into a wild flower garden. We have also been working on past tense welsh sentence patterns.


Chester Zoo - 13/6/23

We have had a fantastic day today despite the weather being so hot! All children have been amazing and I was proud to have them representing our school. Here are some photos of our day.

Week beginning 22nd May 2023


This week we have been looking at planning, preparing and performing a persuasive speech. The children recorded their speech so they could watch it back and reflect on what they did well and what they could improve.

The children have really enjoyed their Expressive Arts with Miss Carroll this week. They were tasked with creating the rain sounds of the rainforest using only their bodies.

Earlier this term, we looked at another book written by Anthony Browne, ‘Silly Billy’. The children had suggested making their own worry dolls so this week we finally got around to making them. A HUGE thank you to one of our mums for offering her time, resources and expertise.


Still image for this video

Week beginning 15th May 2023


This week the children have been working hard creating their own zoo. We began by learning how to work out the area and perimeter of regular and irregular shapes in our Math sessions. We then drew out a birds eye view of the enclosures on squared paper and worked out the area and perimeter.  We then used our digital skills to recreate the zoo using Google Sheets.


In our English sessions we have begun looking at persuasive writing. We have been looking identifying features of a persuasive text and have analysed a text within a group. We have been reading 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne and have used our inference and deduction skills to record whether we think this is a happy home.


We have also continued with learning welsh vocabulary relating to the weather.




Week beginning 8th May 2023

This week the children have written their first drafts of their balanced arguments. After peer and self-assessing their work the children then made any edits they felt they needed. Some children have managed to record themselves reading their final drafts using Seesaw.

We have also used a simulated scenario to produce a news report. Children were able to role-play the job of a journalist in a newsroom by interpreting a variety of incoming communications and use these to build up the details of a story. The children then use the incoming information to write their own newspaper report. Within their newspaper reports, the children had to use the features of a balanced argument to demonstrate different points of view.


In Maths, we are continuing to develop our division skills. We have also measured the rainfall in our rain gauges and found the average rainfall between all six groups.


Finally, we completed a Eurovision-themed live lesson which celebrates inclusivity and explores the power of music to bring communities together. All the children looked fantastic dressed in yellow and blue.

Week beginning 24th April 2023

This week we have used our research of zoos to plan a balanced argument answering the question ‘Should animals be kept in zoos?’ The children have created a story map to help them organises their ideas. We have also started a new eBook called ‘Rainforest Calling’.  The children have shown their understanding of the text through asking answering questions.


In Maths, we are focusing on division. We are learning how to find the quotient and remainders when dividing a 1-digit or 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. The children also made rain gauges to develop their mathematical skills.


This week we have begun our Science topic, ‘Help our habitats’. We have discussed how our local environment has changed. We have also discussed the positive and negative impacts of hypothetical scenario that would bring about environmental change.  


On Wednesday, the children all took part in Table Tennis Training session. Everyone seemed to have a fun!


Finally, this week has been Wales Outdoor Learning Week. Year 4 applied their scientific knowledge to build a waterproof habitat using natural materials.. We then tested each of the habitats with 30mls of water. The all boys team kept their paper animal the driest! Da iawn!


Look below for photos. 

Year 4 class booklet for summer term 2023:

Week beginning 17th April 2023

This week the children have worked so hard! We have covered so much in only five days.


In English we began by reading 'Zoo' by Anthony Browne. This prompted us to discuss what we knew already about zoos. We used the internet to research the roles of zoos, jobs at the zoo and the history of the zoo. Finally we have started thinking about different viewpoints about whether zoos are a good or bad thing.


In Maths this week, we have continued to focus on multiplication. We are using regrouping in ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. 


Within topic, the children have explored the different layers of the rainforest. Some of the highlights from the week include taking an immersive tour of the rainforest on the iPads through an augmented reality (AR) experience. , creating dioramas demonstrating understanding of the different layers. We have also completed PE sessions with a rainforest theme.

Week Beginning 17/4/23

Week beginning 20/3/23


This week we have been continuing to write our historical stories. We have now started to produce our story using our digital skills and make further edits to our work. We have now included adverbs for how, when and where to extend out sentences.


In Maths we have be focusing on division and making equal groups. We have used Cuisenaire Rods to help us 'see' the Maths.


We were delighted to have been able to share our assembly with you this week. Miss Walford was really pleased with it too!

British Science Week 2023


Our focus for British Science Week has been ‘computer science’. Will from Technocamps came in to teach us how to code using Scratch.  We all really enjoyed the challenge and Will was very impressed with what we could do!!

British Science Week 2023

Online learning for 10th March 2023:

Online learning for 9th March 2023:


September 2022

A guide to the new Curriculum for Wales:

Year 4 Class Booklet for Spring Term 2023:

Year 4 class booklet for Autumn term 2022:

Details regarding an after school football club for pupils in Years 1 to 6:

How to upload work to Google classroom:

Internet safety and online radicalisation.

Please find below guidance for parents and guardians.

Penarlag 50

Please see documents below that explain about the 50 challenges. Can you complete any at home?

Miss McGill

The Five Ways to Well Being

Please see documents below that explain about the Five Ways to Well Being.


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