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Penarlag C.P. School

Penarlag C.P. School

Working together, learning for life and striving for excellence. Gweithio gyda’n gilydd, dysgu gydol oes ac ymdrechu am ragoriaeth.

After school clubs

Well being club April 2024 led by Miss Cudworth and Mrs Stubbs:

Lego League After School Club 23.4.24


This week the children had a challenge to build a Lego vehicle that could travel the furthest down a ramp. They started with the building phase, then proceeded to test runs and adaptations to their vehicles. We then went outdoors to complete the final test with it being Outdoor Learning Week. Each group was scored according to creativity of design, distance travelled and stability. The winners will be announced in next weeks club and points given accordingly to each group.

April 2024 Lego League after school club led by Mrs Davies

16th April 2024:

Today was the first Lego League after school club for Years 4,5 and 6. They completed four different challenges including a blindfold build!


April 2024 Music club led by Mrs Cass

April 2024 Lego Club for Years 2 and 3 led by Miss Vaughan




Today we all joined together for the second session of our Lego club. Last week we all talked about what things we would like to build. The children wanted to learn how to make things like cars, hearts and even Sonic the hedgehog. Today Miss Vaughan played a video showing everyone how to make a car. After this children chose whether to make their own car or follow their own ideas. We had lots of fantastic ideas. Sienna made a house, Noah made a bridge, Callum and Tobias made a crane, Eva and Isla made a red rose and Ralph and George worked together to make a car. Well done everyone. 


Gardening club, starting 29th April led by Miss Hood and Mrs Ketland


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