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Penarlag C.P. School

Penarlag C.P. School

Working together, learning for life and striving for excellence. Gweithio gyda’n gilydd, dysgu gydol oes ac ymdrechu am ragoriaeth.

Special events

Year 6 caring for our school during Wales Outdoor Learning Week, 24th April 2024:

As part of Wales Outdoor Learning Week  Year 6 children were caring for our school by weeding the flowerbeds. Da iawn Blwyddyn 6 !

Year 4 and 5 working collaboratively during Wales Outdoor Learning Week, 24th April 2024:

Year 4 and 5 and worked collaboratively using Micro:bits. They learnt basic functions to begin then programmed the micro:bit to act as pedometer. They were then asked 'Do children with the longest legs walk the fewest steps around the football field?'

Year 6's outdoor lesson during Wales Outdoor Learning Week, 23rd April 2024:

Year 6 during their expressive arts and well being lesson used instruments to create the sounds of nature.

Year 4 measuring natural objects outdoors for Wales Outdoor Learning Week, April 2024:

Week beginning 22nd April is Wales Outdoor Learning Week

Here are details of how being outdoors can be so beneficial:

17th April 2024 Mewn Cymeriad:


Today Mewn Cymeriad came into school to perform Hanes Yr Iaith to Blwyddyn 5 and 6 where the learnt all about the history of the Welsh language.

Year 5 Microbits lesson 15th April 2024:

Today Blwyddyn 5 used Microbits to build algorithms and code. They coded a Step Counter to discover if the person in the class with the longest legs walked the fewest steps around the field. Da iawn pawb!

Year 5 and 6 Junior Airbus session 9th April 2024:

Today Blwyddyn 5 and 6 completed their 4th STEM Junior Airbus session 'Moon Lander Workshop'. The challenge was to design and build a spacecraft which could contain 2 astronauts and have a soft landing. Da iawn everyone!

Year 4 show and tell session for their parents 21st March 2024:

Da iawn to Year 4 for their brilliant show and tell session for parents yesterday. They had activities for their parents to complete, and performed a poem and short play.

Year 3 class assembly 20th March 2024:

Da iawn to our Year 3 class for their fantastic assembly for their parents. And a big thank you to Miss Vaughan and Mrs Gray for helping them get ready for their assembly.

March 2024

This is a new section of our website to share all the special events that we take part in. We hope you enjoy reading about all the exciting events we take part in and seeing photographs of these events too.

March  15th Year 6 show and tell session for parents:

On Friday Year 6 led their show and tell session for their parents, showing them work they have completed in school. This included making mini volcanoes! Thanks to all the parents who attended, a great time was had by all!

March 14th 2024 Our fundraising day for Comic Relief

Children and staff wore red or their pyjamas to school to raise money for Comic Relief.

March 13th 2024. Year 1 taking part in an NFUeducation live lesson:

Yr 1 have taken part in a live @NFUeducation lesson. They learnt how Farmer Fiona feeds her animals, what she does when her tractor breaks down and how she plants the barley seeds. They took part in the live quiz and posted questions. They all got a certificate for taking part.


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